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A Different Kind of Walk


Past & Upcoming Podcast  Interviews

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Guam native and competitive athlete living with Spina Bifita in a semi-accessible world. 


Australian pastor, writer, public speaker espousing vulnerability and gentleness in leadership.

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High School student diving into her Catholic faith and navigating life with anxiety.


Physical Therapist in the neurology department at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. 

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Great-Grandmother to Susan's children. 95 years of life will teach you a little bit. 


Director of the Westminster Abbey Institute in London and living with blood cancer.


English teacher, writer, comic book and theology nerd. Book on conservation coming 2023.

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Psychiatrist in the Philadelphia area serving children and adults through the pandemic. 

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Hiked the Camino as a family after cancer, then again for vacation, then again with Jeff.

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Co-Founder of I'll Push You, Inc., and living with Multifocal Acquired Motor Axonopathy.


Award-Winning journalist for Time magazine and author of The Seeker & The Monk.


Illustrator and designer for web and multimedia. Book on conservation coming 2023.

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Reconciliation work in Northern Ireland, advocating for the nomadic communities.


Architect and Camino traveler from upstate New York living life while managing anxiety.

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Co-Founder of I'll Push You, Inc. and leading accessibility trips on the Camino de Santiago.


Children's book publisher in the U.S., author, and child refugee from Iran. 


Musician, poet, theologian, podcaster, and Eco-Activist in Birmingham, England.

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Reconciliation work in Northern Ireland, friends with Debs but from the opposite side.


Facilitated community living for 15 years in a 10 bedroom house in Bensalem, PA.

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