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We Wait (An Advent Prayer)

We wait. We wait for healing to come; for another appointment with the doctor; for that much needed job; for a new purpose; for peace to envelope our sorrow and loss; for the end of our addictions; for relationships to be restored; for unconditional love to thrive. We wait.

We wait. We wait for sustainable food and clean water for all humanity; for wars and division to cease; for anger and vengeance to drift away into the mist; for judgement and evil to lose its hold; for the victory of true hope to prevail. We wait.

We wait. We wait for storms to cease; for protection from the elements; for a pandemic to be eradicated; for rain in the dry places; for a drying of over-saturated lands; for the health of Your creation. We wait.

We wait. We wait for injustice to be broken; for the preciousness of all humanity to be recognized and pursued by all; for a burning passion within all towards wholeness for all. We wait.

We wait. We wait in long queues; in bed for sleep to come; for traffic signals; for exams to be completed; for journeys to bring us home; for laughter to fill our dwellings; for respite and silence; for clarifying truth to be revealed in Your Word. We wait.

We wait. We wait for the Spirit of God—who hovered over all that was formless and void—to enliven our souls; for an everlasting breath to fill all the hidden corners of our souls; for the gift of renewed and new-found faith; for the gift of intimacy found in the ever-present Spirit. We wait.

We wait. We wait to be amazed by the rising of the sun as the birds chirp and twitter; for the setting of Your sun which then displays the canopy of Your creation: the stars, the moons, the planets, moving into an ever-expanding universe; for authentic thanksgiving for Your astounding creation, our dear Creator. We wait.

We wait. We wait for store windows to fill children with wonderment; for lights to be strung reminding us of the Eternal Light; for the songs of Jesus’ birth; for packages of hope to be delivered to the most remote places in Your creation; for candles to be lit each week reminding us of Your Advent; for a season to reflect, to sit, to listen. We wait.

We wait. We wait for the Prince of Heavenly Hosts, the eternal spoken Word, Jesus; we wait to celebrate You, Jesus, fully God and fully man, the One who brings fulfillment of the redemptive plan; we wait for the power of Your name to awaken a sleeping world; for our desire to shift toward living in full servanthood; for having hearts that feel as Your heart feels; for eyes to see what Your eyes see; for hands to do the work You call them to do. We wait.

We wait. We wait for Mary and Joseph to complete their journey to Bethlehem; for room in a messy cellar filled with animals; for a star to guide; for shepherds to hear; for angels to sing; for all creation to be changed and glorify Your name. We wait.

We wait.

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